Desert Dampwood Termite

Desert Dampwood Termites

A prevalent pest for gardeners, these termites are known for destroying vegetation, notably citrus. These pests also prefer to attack timber and other wood high in moisture. Desert Dampwood termites are also notorious for emitting a strong odor, and unlike other termites do not create mud tubes. They can be found residing in dampened wooden areas, and are not likely to burrow in soil.

Desert Dampwood Termites

As their name suggests, dampwood termites can be found in moist wood. They are one of the larger North American termites, with the soldiers measuring at 20 millimeters long, though the reproducing males and females can grow to be over an inch in length. These termites range from cream to almost brown in color.

In the outdoors, dampwood termites make their nests in locations such as damp, rotting logs, and tree stumps. These termites do not produce as large of a nest as some other species, with only about 4,000 individuals on average. Additionally, they produce no worker caste, with the nymphs taking on the tasks of foraging, digesting food, and caring for the reproducing kings and queens. These termites are known to hide their nests well in order to avoid losing moisture, and locating an infestation might be difficult. Termites in flight may be noticed around nests, particularly after rain in autumn. Additionally, sawdust and dead insects may be noticed around a nest.

Dampwood termites can best be prevented by eliminating their primary source of nesting material. Rotten wood on a property should be cleared, and loose wood such as firewood or lumber should be kept safe from rain. Leaks inside of a home that may cause wooden structures to become damp should be eliminated. If an infestation occurs, a licensed pest control professional can be called in order to safely treat the affected area.