Labidura reparia; Euborellia annulipes; Euborellia cincticollis

Color: Black
Legs: 6
Shape: Segmented; Oval
Size: 1 – 3cm (0.4 – 1.2?)
Antennae: Yes
Flight: Yes

Find an earwig in your ear lately? While earwigs don’t purposely search out human heads to inhabit, the ear canal does closely resemble the kind of environment earwigs prefer when hiding out during the day or giving birth, hence the name earwig. These nuisance pests are omnivorous and can be found crawling around outside where they love to forage in a lawn or garden, feasting on flowers, plant roots, fruits, vegetables, and leaves. A single female can lay up to 80 eggs in an inch or two of soil which hatches within two weeks.


Pest Description


Earwigs Habits

Like many household and garden pests, earwigs are most active at night when they search out food and shelter in cool damp places preferably near water. In outdoor environments, earwigs are commonly found under bark, mulch, logs, rocks, garden debris, plants, and in crevices. Earwigs are attracted to artificial light and will congregate on porches and similar areas, frequently under human comfort amenities such as cushions or blanket type coverings, especially when left on the ground

Threats Posed By Earwigs

The biggest concern regarding earwigs, besides their off-putting appearance and the stink they can emit when avoiding predators, is the harm they can cause to your foliage and in your garden. Earwig infestations can develop outside of a home leaving residents flustered and lawn and plant vegetation damaged. Although these threatening looking pests are primarily scavengers, they can become predatory and will eat plant roots, fruits, and other insects.

Earwig Prevention

Earwigs are opportunists as are many of the pests which invade our homes and gardens. They take advantage of poor sanitation habits outside a dwelling. Attention to appropriate prevention protocols such as regular lawn and garden maintenance, regulating watering times and frequencies, and exclusion techniques around a home, can significantly minimize the potential for widespread infestation. Western Exterminator professionals are expertly trained to identify and treat earwig problems.

Earwig Control

Earwigs can pose problems in a wide variety of outdoor environments and will also infest indoor human dwellings when circumstances permit. The best way to eliminate earwigs and prevent future problems with them is through professional help. At Western Exterminator, our pest control professionals resolve earwig infestations using a variety of different treatment techniques, including surveillance, eradication, and baiting applications.