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Lepisma saccharina

Color: Silvery Light Grey / Blue
Legs: 6
Shape: Oblong
Size: 13 – 30mm (1/2 – 1?)
Antennae: Yes
Flight: No

Silverfish, like many unwanted nuisance pests, come out mostly at night due to their intense fear of light. This is a good thing because seeing a bevy of these unsettling-looking bugs roaming around during the daylight inside or outside of your home would indicate they have already identified a food source and have taken up residence. Silverfish prefer bread, cereals, sugary meals, and drywall tapping mud but will eat almost anything resembling their normal fare. They typically inhabit moist areas and in urban environments, like high humidity and are commonly found in attics, basements, bathtubs, sinks, showers, and wall voids.


Pest Description

Silverfish Habits

Silverfish are fast on their little legs and capable of outrunning most of their predators. In addition to feasting on what is considered actual food, silverfish also consume (and cause significant damage to) paper, photos, cellulose, plaster, dandruff, glue, hair, carpet, clothing, coffee, tapestries, cotton, linen, silk, leather garments, synthetic fabrics, as well as dead insects. And if somehow none of those food sources are available, silverfish have the capacity to live a year or more without eating. Silverfish reproduce rapidly and are capable of producing 30 – 60 eggs at once.

Threats Posed By Silverfish

The sheer volume and variety of food, materials, household items, and clothing silverfish can consume and destroy makes them a priority pest concern for any home or business. Once an infestation is in place, harborages must be destroyed to avoid an even bigger explosion of these intrusive and pervasive invaders. Odds are very high that when one silverfish is spotted, many more are just out of sight. Silverfish are determined scavengers, well able to penetrate seemingly impenetrable spaces. It is not unusual to find them in unopened food packages and coming out of the baseboards.

Silverfish Prevention

As is the case with numerous nuisance and destructive pests, proper environmental hygiene can significantly reduce a home or business owner’s chances of being invaded by these tiny terrors. Silverfish will appear seemingly from nowhere in indoor or outdoor areas left in neglect, and particularly in habitats where food is stored without adequate protection. Retail remedies are not designed to effectively protect against or treat infestations. An organized, experienced approach is the most appropriate means of stopping a silverfish assault. Western Exterminator professionals are expertly trained to offer important preventative information to home and business owners about silverfish issues.

Silverfish Control

Silverfish are gluttonous feeders, capable of causing serious damage to human belongings and business environments. Their ability to feed on such a wide variety of food sources is astonishing, even for the pest kingdom. The best approach to eliminating Silverfish and preventing future problems with them is through professional help. At Western Exterminator, our pest control professionals resolve Silverfish infestations using a variety of different treatment techniques including inspection, removal and liquid applications.

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