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Rodents, mice, and rats cause many problems inside of structures. While rodent issues will generally be more pervasive in areas of older construction and poor sanitation, rodents can infest any building. Recognition of a mouse or rat problem is not necessarily a reflection on one’s tidiness or cleanliness; it is unfortunately a byproduct of living in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas, and requires the expertise of a mouse exterminator to manage.

Rodents are one of the most common household pests and although not usually dangerous, they are germ-filled little creatures that crawl all around your home at night, digging through food and eating their way through your home. These extremely adaptable vermin can be found living both inside and outside residential homes and will typically feel free to move in and out as they please. Because they are hard to control, it’s important to enlist the help of a mice and rat exterminator.

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How can rat and mice exterminators help?

Nobody likes to hear they have a problem with rats invading their home or business, it’s often just one of those taboo issues people don’t like to talk about. But the damage and disease these rodents can bring into a home or business necessitate that action be taken. The helpful links below are provided by the rodent exterminators here at Western Exterminator of Las Vegas as informational resources to help educate you in the event you think you may have a rat infestation. Due to the dangers of disease and infections that rats can pose, we recommend seeking help from a rat removal expert if you think your home or business has a rodent problem.

When to call a rodent control company

If you encounter one rodent, there are many nearby. These tough critters have the skills to not only live, but to thrive in most areas. With a little food, water, and time these rodents can become an army without much indication of an infestation. At the first sign of a rodent infestation, call the rat and mice exterminators at Western Exterminator. Failure to address a potential rodent infestation could mean trouble for you and your property.

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Rodent FAQ

Here in the Las Vegas area, we are used to dealing with many types of rodents. Norway rats, roof rats, house mice, and deer mice are the rodents that cause the most pest problemns. All of these rodents are mammals best known for their strong, ever-growing incisors. Other rodents include squirrels, capybaras, and more. All rodents are nocturnal, meaning they are active during the night and rest during the day.

Both rats and mice have similar characteristics and habits. However, there are several ways they differ:

  1. Mice are typically 2-4 inches in length, Some rats can measure up to 9 inches long.
  2. Rats have larger feet, a thick and hairless tail, and small ears.
  3. Mice, on the other hand, have larger ears and a long thin tail covered with hairs.
  4. Mice breed more rapidly and defecate more frequently. 

For the most part, rats and mice want to avoid contact with you. However, if they feel threatened or are handled, they will bite in defense. Rat saliva in some species carries dangerous diseases such as leptospirosis and hantavirus. In even more rare circumstances, bite victims may contract rat-bite fever or tetanus infections. Always seek professional medical attention when bit by a rat or mouse, especially when you exhibit symptoms.

Rats and mice can squeeze indoors relatively easily. Rodents are excellent climbers and rats can jump from overhanging trees to access roof lines and attics. Mice can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime and rats only need a gap the size of a quarter. Rodents enter homes using gaps around the perimeter of your home. They commonly get in around dryer vents, utility pipes, exterior doors, chimneys, and garage doors.

Rodents can be both destructive and dangerous. The germs and bacteria they spread paired with the physical damage they cause can make for a nightmare scenario. Here are some of the dangers of a rodent problem:

  • Certain rodents can carry a wide array of potentially dangerous diseases, including salmonella and hantavirus.
  • Rodents can contaminate surfaces with their feces and urine.
  • A rat or mouse infestation can cause structural damage to your home with their nesting habits.
  • Due to their nonstop chewing, rodents can gnaw through electric wires and create a fire hazard.

Rodents are a year-round pest problem. However, infestations spike in the fall and winter time. This is because many rodents will begin to seek shelter indoors when temperatures drop outside. Once indoors, they will make nests and even breed, which can lead to a serious infestation. This is why it’s so important to learn how to prevent rodents by implementing rodent exclusion in the fall and winter months. 

To keep rodents out, it’s best to seal off your home in the areas where they typically can get indoors. Eliminating access to your home and removing any food or water resources will help to deter a rodent infestation. Seal gaps and holes around utility cables, outdoor vents or pipework with steel wool or silicone-based caulk. Outdoors, pick up fallen fruit, clean up around bird feeders or use a “no-waste bird food”, remove leaf litter and pick up pet waste. Remove clutter, keep a clean home,  and use tight-fitting lids on trash bins.

Once you have a rodent problem, you likely want them out of your property ASAP. Because rodents can be dangerous, it’s recommended to enlist the help of a professional rodent control company. DIY methods such as rat traps and glue traps might be effective for a short while but are rarely a long-term solution for infestations. Professional rat exterminators can ensure all rodents are removed as well as protect your property from future infestations.

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In addition to being a knowledgeable resource on rats, mice and other rodents, our mouse exterminator team offers a long list of services to ensure your home or office is safe and pest-free. Including:

  • Unparalleled rat removal services and customer satisfaction since 1996
  • Knowledgeable trained and industry certified staff to help deal with your rat control issues
  • Certified environmentally friendly by pest industry authorities, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Proven strategies used by our rodent exterminators to control and exclude rats, with a guarantee to back this up
  • Expert advice from a rodent control company on how best to deal with your specific rat or mice problem

With our professionally trained and certified rodent exterminators, state-of-the-art tools, and wealth of experience and expertise, you can sleep well each night knowing that your family, your home, and your business are protected.

We protect residential and commercial properties against the injury, disease and damage that can be caused by pests, such as:

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