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5 Steps to Keep Ants Out of the Kitchen

As the weather cools down, ants need a place that is warm and safe so that they can spend winter in a comfortable haven. In most cases, this haven happens to be your home. An ant infestation can [...]

Keeping Stink Bugs Out Of Your Home This Fall

What are these stinky pests? Stink bugs are insects known as the Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs (BMSB) that found their way to North America during the late 1990s. It is said that they came to the [...]

5 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes and Other Insects

Using Plants for Organic Pest Control Are you an insect magnet? You can plant herbs that repel insects, including mosquitoes, and add a touch of beauty to your backyard at the same time. The Las [...]

Cockroaches – A Crawling Asthma and Allergy Trigger

May marks National Allergy and Asthma Awareness Month, and the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) warns families that cockroaches are a leading trigger of allergies and asthma attacks. [...]

Don’t Let Ants Drive You Nuts This Spring

Homeowners in Las Vegas and Henderson at one time or another have seen an ant or two creeping across their kitchen floor or counter top.  During the spring season, this is especially true as [...]

Ant Infestations – Where Do Ants Hide?

Ants are one of the top nuisance pests in our Las Vegas valley. If you’ve ever found ants crawling across the kitchen counter or noticed a trail of little black ants on the bathroom floor, you’re [...]

6 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Ants

Argentine and Odorous house ants are common in many Las Vegas and Henderson homes. As the weather heats up, these pests will be making there way inside. There’s nothing like walking into your [...]

Scorpion Stings Can be Painful and Serious

A member of the arachnid family, scorpions are feared for their sting. Scorpions don’t have teeth, so they don’t bite, but they do sting. We have several types of scorpions in Nevada, [...]

Bug of the Week ~ The Walking Stick

Although you don’t come across walking sticks often in Las Vegas and Henderson, our pest professionals have spotted the insect on valley trees and shrubs. Stick insects are so named for [...]

Where Do Black Widows Go In Winter?

The black widow spider is perhaps the most feared spider in southern Nevada due to the potency of its venom, which is reported to be 15 times stronger than that of a rattlesnake. If its [...]

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